Year end is approaching and it marked one year of hard working. It is time to review the outcome and progress.

Group iTherapy

“I have really seen progress in all aspects of my life. Pains in my body are minimum and easy to control. My mind is more clear and my emotions are balanced. ” ~ Client from Columbia, Suffering pain from lumbar cyst, improved condition from Group iTherapy (external Qi healing program)
Group Coaching Classes
• With your guidance leading us to have right attitude in practice and VITALITY IS THE KEY.
• ESP for us to perceive inwardly and aware of the changes inside and to make changes for self betterment
• Will be able to self check the movements of qi , know the emotions to counteract back to calmness/vitality
• You introduced many exercises that help us to calm down the emotions and also for physical problems.
• Work smart not hard. Combination of right exercises, short practice and better/maximum benefits/effects
• Have benefited from the class, can feel calmer faster, more positive, more aware, no doubts still a lot of thinking. Take time to eliminate it progressively.” ~ Malaysia

“Progress before and after learning ESP
As I have mentioned several times, I feel now more empowered and I understand more how the practice works. The ESP courses changed my understanding very much. In fact, I see that the sequence of the courses you are organizing is very functional: at first we understand the specific feature of qigong, that is working with qi, then we can focus on the practices.” ~ Italy

A few more to share in next blogs….maybe….after my holiday….; )


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