Nov 5th – 7th ,2022  Penang Workshop and Retreat (in bilingual -Chinese & English)

Some of the participants were not familiar with Qigong, but they practiced Taiji Ball 1 via online sessions for a period of time, hence they have gained the benefits of Qigong practices.   有些参加者是完全不理解气功,但是他们在线上练习太极球1一段时间,对气功锻炼还是有一定的基础。

Some feedback 一些回馈:

1.”I am thinking how to persuade you to do group practise
once a month or once two month or once in three month also can😁😁
May be start with once three months 🙊😁😁

Even though just join half day , i can feel huge difference of practising online and offline in huge group,, 实体课真的很不一样 (face to face class is not the same), not just qi sensation but the result and energy practising together face to face. The slight tuning of posture deep dive me to another level of practice that I have not experience and made the posture that I don’t like previously achievable easily .
Learning the specific posture made qigong practice more efficient ”

2. “经过上个星期的姿势调整后让我更明确的知道这么久以来自己练得对还是错。

After the class, I knew clearly that I am doing the practice correctly or not.


Though it is only half a day, I could differentiate between online vs face to face, I love face to face Qi field better.

建议就是往后可以每个月安排一次的面对面的练功,同时每年也可以常办训练营来更了解气功和太极球。当然也想要了解捧气贯顶法。😊”  Suggest we could have once a month practice together, and we could have annual Qigong workshop to understand Qigong and Taiji Ball 1 better.  Of course I wish to learn Lift Qi Up ( Level 1 practice)


我觉得面对面练功还是必须的 I think face to face practice is a must
1)气场不一样 Qi field is different
第一次还未开始一起练功, 已经感觉气的存在 Before we start the practice, I could feel Qi exists
2)转 8  – Turn 8
上网课时,我几乎已经把脸贴到手机屏幕上为了就是看清楚如何转 8。 During online class, I have to really stick onto the screen to take a look the details and learn the know-how
而实体课中,几分钟内已看个明白。During face to face, within a few minutes, I understood it.
网课,是以“照镜子”的方式学习。对有些人来说还是有难度的,毕竟是反方向。我是其中之一。Online practice, it is like mirroring, it is more difficult to master especially it is the opposite direction, I am one of them who are facing the difficulties.

太极球营过后觉得要改善的是  Things to improve after Taiji Ball 1 workshop
1)可以考虑短期内定期进行面对面教学。这样学员们可以更好的掌握对的姿势。气场也比较好。可以互相鼓励坚持练功。You may consider to conduct face to face workshop/classes, in this case, practitioners can master the postures well. Qi field is better and it will encourage more people to persistence in practicing.   面对面的太极球营,的确能够更好的掌握要点和姿势。In short, face to face workshop helps us in mastering the foundation and postures.


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