About Pei See, Sew

Qigong & Motivational Coach

I am Pei See, Sew. I started Zhineng Qigong journey in year 2009, during then I was very weak. 3 months down the road, I gained my energy level and around 2 years into the practice, I gained the Extraordinary Capability and able to scan other’s Qi condition. I had been to Guilin, a famous healing centre to learn how they healed others with great Qi field. After that, I learned from a Chinese teacher to form a refined Qi field. Over the years, I have been seeing clients from around the world and coach them to regain better health conditions.

Anyone interested to collaborate can reach me as follows.

Contact: pssew@serenityqihealing.com

My Background

I was inspired to be a motivational speaker and trainer since I was in my early 20’s. I have attended some motivational workshops from international speakers. In 2009, I met Zhineng Qigong and read about the theories of Hun Yuan Zheng Ti Lun (Hun Yun Holistic Theory), I realized that Qigong is not only for well-being or physical fitness, it is more towards cultivating Yishi or consciousness. We should master our consciousness as an application to enhance our daily life activities and our ability to interact with society.

Before I embark onto the journey to coach many, I was an in-house trainer, Lean manufacturing process lead, and process improvement lead in a multinational company for 13 years. With this vast experience and skillsets, I built a system to coach others systematically to get well from sickness and to guide others to become a trainer or therapist.

My mission is to extend my experience to coach many more who are willing to progress well in practicing qigong not only for physical health, it is also to tap on one’s inner potential. With this, I believe we can create a harmonious atmosphere to help many to learn self-healing methods for the well-being of the body and mind. I wish the knowledge can pass on to the next generations.

My Abilities

  • Using Qigong extraordinary ability (EC) to scan your overall functions or energy level (Qi) to identify the possible root of your health concern
  • Discuss about the possible ways of the root problem that cause the symptoms. Show and guide you ancient Chinese and Qigong techniques to enhance physiological and psychological functionality
  • Guide you to feel calmness and the changes at the concerned area
  • During follow-up session, evaluate your Qi condition again to monitor your progress and advise appropriate adjustments of your practices
  • For those have passion to get in-depth to learn Qigong to teach and to heal others, I will coach you to progress to next level if you are at a junction of uncertainties

My clients are from all walks of life that suffering from physical pain such as backache, neck pain, neurological system illness; unknown illness that caused various symptoms: nausea, fatigue, migraine, lack of energy; auto immune system disease, children with ADHD or autistic syndrome, children with stress and unable to focus. As there are various types of diseases, we do not work on symptoms alone; assimilated TCM to work on regulating overall Qi flow within our bodily in order to get healthier.

What are my coaching methods?

1) Private coaching to get well is a method for anyone who is ill and wish to get well:

  • Systematic way to guide you step by step to deal with health concerns
  • Evaluate your Qi condition and energy level (physical body or mind)
  • Identify the possible root cause
  • Reaffirm root cause that might cause the concerns
  • Demonstrate simple techniques for you to work it out daily
  • Emit external Qi for healing
Benefits to you:
  • In personal to attend your concerns and specifically address your question
  • Understand where Qi is not flowing good enough or blocked
  • Understand the importance of handling the root and try to eliminate it
  • Learn simple self-healing techniques to mobilize Qi within the blocked area (physical body or mind)
  • Feel the changes before and after External Qi healing

2) Private coaching to progress is a method for Qigong practitioners or teachers:

  • Systematic way to guide you to excel in Zhineng Qigong practices, to reveal the inner potential, application of intuitiveness and application of Qigong to daily life activities
  • Guide you through to assess your current state by reviewing your practices
  • Correct and realign your posture
  • Evaluate your state of mind
  • Recommend practices to build and restore internal Qi
Benefits to you :
  • Clear cut direction on how and where to move forward
  • Clear about the right posture to realign the bodily structure
  • Learn simple techniques to loosen lumbar and build more internal Qi
  • Learn techniques to calm the mind and manage emotions
  • Towards the end of the session, you will have a clear mind, systematic plan to deepen your practice not only to regulate Qi into the physical body, but more towards knowing the inner potential and to know yourself more


One on One Coaching

“I contacted Teacher Pei because I have chronic migraines combined with stress and anxiety.

During the private sessions, she worked with me energetically and taught me different exercises that will help align my body and relax my mind in order to cope with stress and lower my migraine pains.

After the first session I felt much more relaxed and realized that my mind was more at peace and I wasn’t overthinking all the time. I also noticed I was sleeping better and felt less stressed during the day.

The physical exercises have helped me align my spine and neck. During my second session, Teacher Pei could already see improvement in my body.

I try to meditate everyday for short periods of time and realized that after the second private session I was able to relax my mind faster than before during my daily routine meditations.

What I liked about the private session is that she taught me personalized exercises that I can do everyday to take care of my body and my mind. ”


Full body alignment and pain cure

One on One Hands-On

Sprained my leg due to impacted fall during badminton game. All my leg twisted can’t walk. Thank you pei see just one twist and massage from you I can walk easily now.



  • There are alternative approaches to handle specific condition in a simple manner, bring hopes to some who are suffering.
  • Understand that some injuries need assessment and specific therapeutic massage to handle the situation.
  • For you to understand Serenity Qihealing is using qigong state to scan and evaluate to the root of problem, it is not a form of qigong (like Peng Qi Quan Ding) with a series of movements.
  • The importance of holistic evaluation: the pain was not from sprained and swollen ankle alone, traced up to the knee and lumbar
  • Techniques: Use various techniques from traditional Chinese methods and Thai massage to handle the cramped areas, after that handle the swollen ankle.


  1. We always request client to consult a doctor to check whether there is any fracture to ensure one’s safety.
  2. New injury is easily handled compared to years old injury.
  3. Young guy is recovery better than senior.
  4. Note every individual is built differently. Others success does not mean everyone’s success.

Online Workshop Testimonial

Hi, I am living in Belgium.
Parkinson patient since 11 years.

Here a short comment of my experience during and after the workshop.
1) Achievable goal:
To gain vitality and become stronger and more healthier. To create another point of view in life towards others and myself.
2) Persistence:
Which is not self evident for me. It’s important to learn to practice every day for a good progress. To be more confidence.
3) About progress:
It’s not simple in the beginning to enjoy the practice because the focus was to much on the body.
4) Achievement:
To be happy with everything and love to learn more.

The result after this workshop is astonishing. The way in which we can transform unpleasant situations or feelings by adopting a different mindset.
During the excersises I am now more inward looking and the focus is less on the limitations of my body.
I feel better about myself and happier. Lighter in my mind as before I went too much in my emotions. Also more self confidence in what I feel and learn to live from inside instead of focusing on my limitations.
This is a short review of so many interested information. It’s really life changing.
A day without practice is a day not lived. ??
Thank you Sew for all the effort, patience and all the love in the way you teached us.

With love and respect.
Ms J

Europe, Belgium


  1. Stress or any of the impactful incidents hit us unintentionally or subconsciously. Qi stagnates or blocked within the internal organs that cause plenty of symptoms.
  2. The difference between group healing and private healing is during a private session, a Serenity Holistic therapist/instructor will be able to access your condition specifically and apply the straight to the core techniques to clear the blockage.
  3. For those who are suffering the same symptoms, DO NOT give up. There are alternative approaches to identify the root of Qi condition, we do not work on symptoms, yet the symptoms will be eliminated or at least decreased once Qi flowing smoothly within. Then we can work on further to improve the overall health.

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