What could you do more when you were back to 50 years old?

What is your plan when you are marching towards 50 years old?

Friends feedback for us to review our plan:

*I wish I knew back then, I should pay attention to my spine, Lumbar

*@50 I changed work – new job and started as Qigong instructor. It was my son who said ” You are telling me to follow your dreams and you don’t do it for youself” So I jumped and changed my job after 30 years.

*I wish I had more attention for my own vitality. Like I learned here from you. That this should be my priority.

*I move to another country because of my work. so it was a great present for me.

* No plan

*Plan to enjoy and relax my life

My plan which is under execution : –

  • Do what I am doing now,  balanced lifestyle : learning. playing, exploring, practicing to maintain healthy physical and mind, mastering Qi regulation & massage skills to help others. (including my family members and friends)
  • Realize purpose of life and continue to add value to it
  • Continue the path to attain freedom and wisdom, together with friends who have the same intentions
  • Prepare golden age with positive mindset and younger heart!
  • Render my effort to help preserve the earth and to help unfortunate people..
Published On: Thursday, February 9th, 2023 / Categories: Qigong Theory & History /

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