Here are a few already sent, if more will come I’ll send, anyway also who has’t written any feedback told me during the 4 days they were all very happy with the workshop:

i) Very profitable experience, great achievements for myself. I could focus inside much better, feeling qi flow. I improved my capabilities in qi field composing, and the perception of ” vitality” as peculiar internal qi flowing, the internal, sort of physical, feeling of opening – closing. And besides, something definitely changed, in my perceptions, to be no more as before.

ii) I am so glad for this four days sessions, because I am going deeper and lighter on my daily practices. Every clues and suggestion is helping me a lot to change my inner listening. I realised for example that less weight on my knees (on the right knee mainly) during 3cm has been the perfect advice for me in order to progress more. I am starting to feel better and clearer inside on my daily life. I am following and controlling my breathing and my Qi movements gets clearer. Thank you

iii) In these four days with the guidance of teacher Sew I have been able to experience how it is possible to send and receive communications and information in a “profound” conscious way; much more effective than what happens anyway, but in an unconscious way.
Thanks to Master Sew, Amanda and all fellow practitioners for this great opportunity.

iv)Thanks M.Sew, not only for the professionalism and competence, but also for the constant attention to the needs of the group and of each of the participants! For me, who am simply a practitioner, it was a stimulating opportunity to deepen! Thank you again!

v) Very good balance between theory and practice, one more step of progress.

vi) It was really a very interesting and very strong seminar, thanks mainly to and the group of participants. My sensations: opening of the chest and head, perception of qi in the very evident membranes, and in the body. And to feel the difference in the sensation of each image that was proposed, and to feel how the internal state changed according to the information, I must say that it was truly a fantastic experience by increasing our ability to observe and feel, being able to increase more and more. our level, to improve us to help others.


vi) For me, as practitioner, teacher and therapist it’s been really good to have one more opportunity to deepen the focus and receive feedback from the group practice itself on how well or not I’m moving forward and which sides to improve.

On behalf of the compilation of feedback

Amanda Carloni 


Thank you for all the feedback, it becomes a motivator for me to continue to have creative ideas to share my experiences. 

Published On: Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 / Categories: Qigong Theory & History /

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