FREE: 30 mins of powerful External Qi Healing on CNS

Every Thursday @ 9 PM New York Time or 6PM CA Time

Are you feeling low energy most of the time?

Stress up and do not know what to do about it?

Suffering from sickness and wish to learn self-healing to improve overall health?

Are you enjoying nature and wish every practice we merged with nature?

Are you trying to meditate but could not get into a state of calmness?

With guided visualization, you will connect to the abundance of Qi.. Feel the serenity, openness, and expansion from within.

Ancient Chinese focused on cultivating a calmer mind with breathing synchronized with slow movements to get healthier, they called this big dance 大舞. They believed once the mind is calmer, energy will flow smoothly within and build up the essence of life, and one will be healthier.

Within 30 mins of live Zoom online class, you will practice together:

  • Form Qi field, abdominal massage or Roufu 揉腹
  • Simple stretching exercises for Qi to penetrate deeper
  • Deep breathing method
  • Focus inwardly to integrate between mind and body
  • The coach will lead everyone to calm the mind with Extraordinary Qi field
  • Qi healing to mobilize Qi through dantians, Central Nervous System and internal organs

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Feel free to invite your friends and family members.


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