MAR 28th, APR 25th, MAY 23rd, JUN 27th. 2021




ONLY USD20 for all 4 sessions

This will be a special forum in a joyful and relaxed manner for those who wish and willing to discover and to transform, topics to cover include: –
1. The most common symptoms, Qi blockages of ladies, understand the reasons behind
2. Traditional Chinese methods in handling Qi blockages for ladies
3. Simple practice for general concerns
4. Beware of the personal attributes that we should avoid
5. Take charge, the importance tips to set the rightful mindset
6. Tips on how to set up a good Qi field at home to create more balance in our life as partners, parent in order to create a more balanced way in the management of our everyday lives.
7. Sharing personal experience in goal setting and implementation
8. Invited guests to share their experiences in self-Qihealing and external Qi healing.

This forum is for anyone without any qihealing experience to discover the self-healing methods, on top of the encouragement and sharing from others to sail through this challenging period.
We hope with the support among women/ladies, we could inspire each other in carrying out our roles and responsibilities.


Bookings are closed for this event.