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Dates: Nov 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, and Dec 5-6  (8 lessons) “Saturday & Sunday only”

Workshop Fees: Revision Students = $100 USD, New= $380 USD, Students attended M1/M2= $330 USD

NOTE: The live event is closed, self-learning recorded sessions are available, please email to:

You should recognise and master your perceiving ability, if you have experienced the following:

  • I wish to know what I have perceived, I want to know more about Qi and Qi field
  • Sometimes I get irritated without any reason?
  • I am very sensitive towards other’s response and feeling, what can help?
  • I wish to be more stable in my intuition & emotional state
  • Certain times, I could predict what is going to happen in near future, and it did happen, I am getting very nervous and scared. I need to know more.
  • There are certain thoughts in my mind that flag out all the time, I wish to have controlled about it

In the past, Extra-sensory Perception(ESP) or perceiving ability was regarded as high level ability, a mysterious gift, applying ESP in practices or during our day to day activities was something beyond reach by many. ESP is now commonly accepted by many even among those who do not practice Qigong.

Recognizing ESP is a tool to progress and it is very useful for self-healing. In Serenity Holistic Approach we emphasize self-progress as the main aim, we recommend you to recognize and master your perceiving ability in order to know your inner-self. This is a course that is not related to spirituality, supernatural or religion, it is known as an experience to discover your inner-self and your inner potential.

What you’ll learn:

  • The ability to differentiate between personal Qi field and group Qi field
  • To understand the components in a Qi field : STP
  • To master the formula to perceive and interpret using the mind : FPI
  • A step by step guide to tap on your perceiving ability with Qigong practices
  • To train your perceiving ability to recognise the external factors and internal factors
  • To have fun while testing your perceiving ability with various case studies
  • To get a deeper understanding of your emotional state and how to manage your emotions
  • To get a deeper understanding of your consciousness and subconscious mind to decode your emotional state
  • How to study and understand your belief system
  • After the end of the course, you can join our routine weekly practice – Taiji Ball 1 & SLS stage 1 to further deepen your perceiving ability

NOTE: The live event is closed, self-learning recorded sessions are available, please email to:


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